The Mill Dam Bridge — Centerport — New York

Rainbow over the Mill Dam......Suzanne (Robertson) Asher grew up on Mallard Cove in Centerport.  Her father, a Pan American Pilot, moved the family there in the mid 1950’s. She was Harborfields first Cheerleading Captain and Graduate in the first class of Harborfields School District.  She reminisces about the community in her latest blogs of memories.  Here is one of the many on-going thoughts from her past.  Suzanne with Husband Brian (Harborfields first quarterback) are TOP real estate agents in the Township of Huntington working for Signature Premier Properties…. Her web site which is still under construction….  …. Here is where my story begins……..has so many fun and interesting little stories of the community…

The Mill Dam Bridge, the beautiful little bridge that separates Centerport from Centerport!!!  It takes you over Centerport Harbor, where on one side is the Harbor, the other side is the Mill Pond, where I used to ice skate when I was growing up.  The Little Neck Side, which is sometimes referred to as “the other side” and the Presidents Street side, or HBCA (Huntington Beach Civic Association) ……  All together as one to form Centerport.….  Back when I was attending Little Neck School until 8th Grade when the new school district of Harborfields was formed, there were TWO separate classes in my 8th grade.  I grew up on Mallard Cove, so the kids who lived on the Little Neck side were in one class……….. and the kids from the other side (then “Huntington Beach”) were in the other 8th grade class!!!!  If that isn’t  segregation!  I never understood it!  But there was a definite separation, altho this didn’t affect us when we merged together with the kids from Broadway School in Greenlawn  (now Harborfields Library) in 9th grade at the Taylor Avenue School (now Harborfields High School — see earlier blog about The New School District Harborfields)

The Mill Dam Bridge was something we walked across often (with our Mom’s approval of course) …..  We would go to Rudy’s,  (Rudy ‘s son Richie was in Brian’s class) the little deli on the other side of the bridge, to get our lunch or hang out. Across the street from Rudy’s was a bar called  “Drifters Reef”–   (here is where our Mom’s said “be careful and don’t talk to anybody from the bar!!!)  …  It was about as far as we were able to venture!!!!!  But that was our big treat!  Mill Dam Bridge has seen us grow up!!!

And there was the time when I walked across the bridge with my friend Lenore Boudreau, when a man stopped us.  He said he was from Newsday and wanted to take a photo of us sitting on the LOCKS where the water flows in and out of the pond, so we climbed down to the ledge and sat together where he took our photo!  Of course when we related this story to our Mom’s they were panicked!  Was this man legit?  “you should have run away from him”……… but guess what, our photo appeared in Newsday the following day!  And we were “famous” in the school!!!!!!

How many times in my adult life have I driven over the Mill Dam Bridge and stop to see a sunset, or a sunrise, or a storm where the water breeches the bridge, or a blizzard where you could hardly see,  or fished off the bridge many years ago, as far back as the 50’s with my mom, or the 70’s with my son and daughter, or the 90’s with my grandsons!  This bridge is a connection in my life, I probably went over it every day when 18 years ago today my oldest Grandson was born, and our second Grandson shortly after that, and we would drive over the bridge on our way to visit them!!!!!  It’s that warm and fuzzy feeling of being rooted right where you grew up!!!!  There is nothing like it!!!!!

Yesterday was no exception to taking in the sights of the bridge…………. where I stopped and caught this amazing photo!  (Thank God for my IPHONE!)  There was a thick fog over Centerport Harbor, and the sun was shining above, and a beautiful rainbow was up there!!!!  That is what I wanted to share with you today!!!!!

What I love about living where I grew up, at every turn of my car I remember events in my life, and always things that happened and friends that I had, and wondering just what might have happened to these people…. where did their life take them, what road did they take?  We had so many memories of growing up here…….  They were very special.  We were very lucky…. living here was an amazing life experience…..  We see it so often in our business……  People who are second, third, fourth generation of living RIGHT here in Centerport…….  Our family, for example, our Grandsons are Junior (Conner) and Senior (Justin) at Harborfields High School……..  We  are THIRD GENERATION at Harborfields School District!!!

So when you are thinkng about moving, and looking for a life style that rivals no other, a place where you have everything at your fingertips, beaches, beautiful restaurants, everything you ever want to do, boating, swimming, theater, ocean, the greatest city in the world, excellent schools………….. LOOK NO FURTHER…..

Call Suzanne and Brian Asher, who’s web site “” ( is where to go for wonderful stories about growing up in the area) and ALSO where they can help you find the home of your dreams and this will be  “where your story begins”!!!

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