The Asher Brothers…. Two brothers Attending Two Different PUBLIC High Schools…. Huntington & Harborfields!

BLOG Brian and Jerry

The year, 1954, the Asher family moved out to Huntington with great excitement as their four children would have an acre of property and lots of land to play sports…. they built a pool and Asher’s house was soon the hub of the neighborhood kids…

This gave Brian and Jerry, the two oldest Asher siblings,a great opportunity to explode their Athletic talents in their new schools and play sports together!  Well, not so fast!!! 

Is it possible for two brothers to live in the exact same house, share the same bedroom, and attend two different public high schools????  read on……

Brian Asher (the other half of Brian & Suzanne Asher, The Winning Team in Real Estate) has an older brother Jerry, who is two years older.

As it turned out, the Asher family moved to Salem Ridge Drive in Huntington in the mid ’50’s.  They built a beautiful new house on an acre with a pool.  Bill Asher (their Dad) moved the family out from Mineola where he owned two businesses, Asher’s Pharmacy and Asher’s Liquor store across the street.

Brian and Jerry were superb athletes who excelled in every sport they tried!  Both were captains of their football, basketball and baseball teams.

Jerry went to Huntington High School to pave the way for younger brother Brian.  Well, during that time, Huntington School District said that they were getting too crowded and so a new school was formed encompassing Centerport, Greenlawn, and parts of Huntington and a tiny bit of Northport.

Brian had to go to the NEW school, Harborfields.  As years went on, both boys continued to excel not only in their sports but also academically.

During Jerry’s Senior year, and Brian’s Sophomore year, both boys were Captains of their Basketball teams, and they played each other in a game on February 19th, 1959.  Imagine the Ref’s surprise when he introduced Brian Asher to Jerry Asher at half court before the game!!!  Here were two boys from two different Public High Schools, Huntington and Harborfields, competing in the same sports and playing in the same game… AGAINST each other!!!  And living not only in the same house but sharing the same bedroom!!!  How amazing is that!!!

Both brothers went on to attend competing Ivy League Colleges as well, Jerry attending Princeton and Cornell for his Law Degree and Brian attending Harvard then Cornell for his MBA!

Here are the brothers in their football Jerseys… OK it isn’t their basketball digs, but hey, you get the idea!!!!


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