MILL POND INN…. Centerport Icon…..


Ah, the Mill Pond Inn in Centerport….  (Now known as the Mill Pond House)

Growing up in Centerport was a highlight…. Happy Days, a new High School in Harborfields, new friends, fun things to do!!!!

Back when my parents first moved to Centerport in 1955, they discovered the Mill Pond Inn… When my Dad was home from his trips they would go here at least 2 times a week and of course always “dragged” me along.  When my Dad would return from a trip (he was a Pan Am Pilot) he couldn’t wait to get back home and have some cocktails and a nice steak dinner at the Mill Pond Inn.  The owner, Jerry Griffin and his wife Irene, lived in an apartment upstairs.  My parents soon became great friends with them… my Dad would always bring him “trinkets” from his overseas travels which he would proudly display in the restaurant.  My parents would “drag” me there and I would eat dinner with them and get driven back home to “study” while they would sit at the Piano Bar and sing the old tunes well into the night…. “Down by the Old Mill Stream”….. “If you knew Susie”… songs like that!

The Mill Pond was our “Home away from Home” … The nicotine was thick on the walls and the dark and cozy atmosphere was inviting to the people who wanted a place to hang out and socialize…

Back in the late 50’s the Mill Dam in Centerport would freeze, allowing a place for us to meet with our friends and drink hot chocolate and skate on the pond.  Mill Pond Inn owner Jerry Griffin set up a spot light on the pond and shovel a little spot for us and light the skating area.  They would build a little fire and provide Hot Chocolate for all the kids.  There we would meet our friends and skate and have a blast!!!  Oh what fun this was!!!  We are so lucky that we grew up here!!!  The memories are unforgetable!!!

This was the BEST place to grow up!!!  How lucky are we!!!!


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