HARBORFIELDS… its beginning in 1956

When my family first moved to Centerport in March 1955 I was in the 7th Grade at the Little Neck School on Little Neck Road in Centerport.  This building now houses the Centerport Methodist Church and Pre School.  This school consisted of two classes for each grade level.  The classes were split up in two different groups of kids….  The kids that lived on the Huntington Beach Side… (across the Mill Dam, not known as “the Presidents Streets” or the Little Neck Peninsula side (or the Vanderbilt area — otherwise known in Real Estate as “the other side”)  …  People have actually called and said “We live in The President’s Streets and just wondering if you have any listings coming up in Centerport on The Other Side)  …  Basically, these two classes remained “segregated” until the new district was formed.

The classes together made up the grades for the school.  It wasn’t until we entered the new school district that was formed when Huntington School District declared that no more would they take kids from Centerport and Greenlawn to enter their school did these two classes mix together along with the kids from Greenlawn which is now known as Harborfields School District.  At the time we started school in then what was called the Taylor Avenue School, (which is the furthest south area closest to Pulaski).HARBOFIELDS TAYLOR AVENUE BUTTON FROM 1955

There was only a 9th grade and an 8th grade coming together in Greenlawn.  It was at the beginning in September 1956  when we all got together and the first BIG assignment was to name the school district.  There were many different names chosen by the social studies classes, but the one that was chosen was Harborfields….  Harbor from Cow Harbor (Centerport Harbor) and Fields from the potato fields in Greenlawn where the school was located.  It was our job to decide many things… the school colors (green and white), the mascot (Tornado – then was the “Taylor Tornadoes” the school ring design, the school alma mater, all the cheers, and every other important thing that makes up a school district!

Here was the Harborfields beginning….

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