Menu for LINKS


Menu for LINKS


Links Log Cabin

Fine steaks and $1 burgers and fries…Centerport, New York!  Boy do Suzanne & Brian Asher have great memories and stories to share!!!

There was this great restaurant in Centerport.  It was called Links Log Cabin.  Here during in the 50’s and probably before and after that, people from all over the island would come to enjoy a great dinner here in Centerport! It was a very popular place, and you would usually have to wait on line to get in!!!  Our family went to Links when we came out to Centerort to “visit” our home being built on Mallard Cove.  My Dad would get his traditional burger, while my Mom would chow down on a big lobster and suck every morsel out of that baby!!!  (Currently at this spot there are condos.  Links burned down in 1965 ..  Now is a development called “Courtyard Circle”.)

Brian’s brother Randy worked there for a time while in High School.  Randy went for a job interview at Links and they asked if he could open clams.  He said “sure” (he was a pro at opening Clams because Brian was a clam digger as he made his way thru Harvard and younger brother Randy was his “cul boy”/helper)…  and he was immediately hired for the job in the kitchen.  When he showed he head of the kitchen how fast and efficient he was at opening clams, he was so proud, only to have the boss say it wasn’t right!!!?  What do you mean I didn’t do it right?  At this resstaurant, they took one clam and cut it in half then ut each half in the two clam shells!!!  So much for old fashioned “value”….  and who in their right mind who is eating raw clams actually LOOK at the clam they are about to eat???!!!!!

Still in all, this was a fun place to go to eat….. and even tho they skimped on the clams, the burgers were THE BEST!!!!  

If you would like a copy of the LINKS LOG CABIN menu from the 50’s, just e-mail me at and I will send or drop off the menu to you!!!



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